If you did not find your preferred operating system above (FlagShip is ported to more than two dozen Unix systems incl. Linux 64/32bit, and also to Windows 64/32bit), check the Price and Porting List, call or mail.

Download also the Installing Instructions (text 18 KB) and the License Agreement. The free FlagShip Demo/Test Drive is fully functional, and lets you evaluate FlagShip with your applications without any risc. Compared to the full FlagShip license (click License or Price List), it is limited only as follows:

An on-line manual is available in any distribution and invoked by fsman command. You also may download the manual in PDF format (large, more than 2500 pages).

Once installed the Test Drive, please register your copy to join our free tech support (the form is pre-filled during the installation, see also additional support details here). Also check the tech FAQ, containing the frequently asked questions from the tech support department. Your question will probably already be answered there.

For your convenience, here some links to free C compilers for different operating systems (GNU gcc) which may be used with FlagShip. Note, this is without warranty; we guarantee the correct functionality only with the standard C compilers from the OS manufacturer, as stated in the "Requirements" above

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