Multi-Platform Object Oriented Database Development System, Cross-Compatible to Unix, Linux and MS-Windows


In any FlagShip distribution, you get complete on-line manual named fsman, see details in the FirstSteps* booklet, available for Linux and for MS-Windows.


In addition to, you may


Download the whole Visual FlagShip 8 manual in PDF format as .zip file or .tar.gz file (ea 140 MB). An alternative download is available from ftp server.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any other compatible .pdf reader). You may get Acrobat here



Read on-line (or download) separate chapters of the Visual FlagShip 8 manual by click on corresponding section below (PDF format):

General information, License Agreement, Installation and De-installation, Registration, Support
Language Basics, Specification, Statements, Structures, Database, Files, Multiuser, Multitasking, Porting Hints
FlagShip Compiler & Tools: Compiling, Linking and Libraries, Run Time Requirements, Debugging, Tools and Utilities
Commands and Statements: Alphabetical reference of Commands, Declarators and Statements
Standard Functions: Alphabetical reference of FlagShip functions
FS2 Toolbox: Alphabetical reference of FS2 Toolbox functions, comparable to NT2/CA3
Objects and Classes: Getsys, Tbrowse, Error, Application and other standard classes
Replaceable Database Drivers
Open C API System: Connection to the C language, Extend C System, Inline C programs, Open C API
Preprocessor, Includes, Directives
System Info: Porting hints, Differences to DOS, Data transfer, Terminals and Mapping, Files for your Distribution
Release Notes: Operating System dependent information, Predefined Terminals
Quick Reference: Overview of Commands, Functions and Environment
Appendix: Inkey values, Control keys, ASCII-ISO comparison table, dBase & FoxPro hints, Error codes, Forms
Index over all sections

Last updated: 21-Jul-2018.

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