Tbrowse example

The same code

* index if required, see full source
SET INDEX TO addr_comp, addr_id
oBr := TbrowseDb(3,0, 20, 72)
for ii := 1 to Fcount()
   oBr:AddColumn( TbColumnNew(FieldName(ii), FieldBlock(FieldName(ii)) ) )
oBr:Trim := .T.   // optional, trim displayed data of type 'C'
oBr:Exec()        // use default keyboard handler (source avail.)
                  // - or insert here your own handler

will produce either GUI based executable (NB: note the index speed on common PIII-700):

Tbrowse in GUI mode

or an Terminal i/o based application (here w/o color setting or other Tbrowse tunable parameters):

Tbrowse in Terminal i/o mode

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